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Today I went downtown. I like being there. Streets, people, restaurants, shops - all that reminds me that I live in a big city called Toronto.

The street painter. Every day somebody sits here and draws a picture. Today it was a picture of Batman.

The skyscraper. A reflection of the street.

thank you for the kind words. Those are nice pictures that you took. I've always admired toronto for its cleanliness. It was and still remains the nicest city i've been to. but anyway thanks again
You're welcome.
Thank you for your words about my pictures. When you've been in Toronto? Are you planning to visit Toronto again?

BTW, are you playing piano?

PS. Sorry for my English :)
I've heard nice things about Toronto - I know other people online who are near there - or live there. It sounds like a cool place and I really would like to visit it someday myself. :)

I'm going to guess you found me through the classical music community? ... I'm not sure, really... =P

Those are very cool pictures - you should take more of the city. I really do like them (I like photography myself).
You're welcome to visit Toronto! :) Maybe we can meet here. :)

Hm... I don't remember how I found you. I think I browsing through my interests i found you because one of your interests is "russian". I saw that you not only like "russian", but you're like classical music, japan, photography, canada, design. So I added you. :) Do you mind? :)

Where do you live?
I live in Indiana, pretty far away from Toronto. =P

I am interested in Russian, but I haven't had a chance to study it yet, unfortunately. But I like the music of many Russian composers very much [Korsakov's orchestrations are wonderful! and Shostakovitch...]

I don't mind that you added me at all. :)
I saw your recent post in one of the knitting communities... Would you mind if I added you to my friends list?
No, I don't mind at all! Thank you.
That was a really fast reply! OK, you're added now!