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I want to see this movie. Today I've found a couple of pictures from the trailer and made the collage:


acrylic on paper
I'm back for a little while...
I want to share with you one of my photo that I took from my window. It was a very cold day.

When fog meets clouds

Would you like to sample Russian music? :)

Valery Meladze - "I can't live without you". This is one of my favourite songs (for today :)).

Kristina Orbakaite - "You".

I hope you'll like it :)
When I was trying to put a bottle with glitter back to the shelf, I accidently hurt my finger. :( It was an inkpen. :( Now my finger is painted by iodine. Is it only me or somebody else had the same experience? :)

This shot has been taken last Saturday.
Yesterday I bought the january issue of Vanity Fair because of Viggo's photo on the cover. There was an interview with Viggo with lots of photos.
I just want to share one of my favourite photos from this journal. I like the way he looks.

photoCollapse )
I'm back. :)
I write a lot in my russian LJ, but I didn't forget about this journal. I just don't know what to write about in English. I can simply translate my russian posts, but would it be interesting for anybody? What do you think?
I made this tree yesterday. :) Funny silver tree with stars and bells.

three moreCollapse )
I posted some icons of Santa in fisheyecons. :)